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City Walls

Chester - Walls and King Charles Tower 300Chester’s walls were originally built to defend the Roman Fortress of Deva 2000 years ago, extended by Anglo-Saxons in the Middle Ages, fortified by Norman invaders, battered by Cromwell’s cannons during the English Civil War, and cherished by the Victorians as a delightful walkway around the city.

They are the most complete city walls in Britain and offer spectacular views of the city and its attractions

You can walk right around the city along the two miles of walls, crossing over ancient gateways and exploring magnificent towers en route.

The King Charles’ Tower was named after the 17th century monarch who watched his defeated Royalist army returning from the Battle of Rowton Moor where Cromwell’s forces won a famous victory in the English Civil War.

A short distance away is the Water Tower built in the 14th century to protect the Port of Chester, the largest in the North West in mediaeval times.  The defensive structure originally stood in the River Dee until it silted up and left the tower high and dry.

You can access the walls at many places throughout the city and admission is FREE!

They’re a must-see attraction during your visit to Chester.

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